Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Art of a Ménage à trois

It used to be my biggest fantasy. Me, my man and my woman. In my dreams I always pictures it as just an earth shattering event where I got pleased in every way possible. WRONG. I have had 4 Menage's. Yes, I am a freak, don't read this blog if you don't like it. None of them have gone right. Don't get me wrong, they have all fueled my passion for all things focused on me, but seriously I think those involved in the threesome should understand the roles.

I am currently dating a brutha who I will refer to as "Bear" The very essence of "Bear" is that he is a freak. Point blank period. Bear can have me hemmed up on a wall floating on the goodness that is brown dick. Bear and I are what I like to call "silent partners" he does for me and I do for him. Truth be told Bear isn't even the boyfriend type, but I have kept him around for so long because he can work my body like its his full-time job.

Since day one I have wanted to take it to the next step with Bear. Usually that means, a Menage. So when a girlfriend of mine whom I will call "Talkative" decided she wanted to come into town, I peeped him to the idea. Of course he was all in and I set up the encounter. The ish went as planned until Talkative decided she wanted to coach the entire time. I put my hand over her mouth and said "boo, I fuck him on the regular, we don't need a coach, we need a teamate"

Ya see, Talkative didn't understand the rules or the Art of the Menage. If you follow the rules, EVERYONE will come out happy. She didn't understand that when she came into the situation that she needed to shut the hell up, and get fucked. PERIOD. I have been involved with Talkative in the past and yes, I knew the bitch talked to much , but I assumed after the 5 shots of Petron she would have just hushed and enjoyed the ride. WRONG.

She kept talking and trying to coach and did NOT want to have sex with Bear. I want to know what is the point of coming to a Menage if you aren't going to enjoy every aspect? Why tease? She let me feel her up, let him feel her up but when it was time for the tool to enter she said no. I was so blown. Half of the Menage is watching and touching.

Long story short, I'm putting up my access to the Menage until I can get a party who is down for everything. I did get pleased at the end of the day, but I wanted more. Can you blame me though?


V. Bella March 16, 2009 at 11:22 AM  

so NOT ready for TALKATIVE's antics!

Anonymous April 17, 2009 at 5:36 PM  

hey SBF- im down for the full menage if you return the favor and play your position with me and my dude. i live out of town my dude lives in the A. He flies me in once a month. I want to do the menage but like you I want a chick that can play her position when it comes to me and my dude- lol @ talkative trying to run the damn show. But I know how to be submissive and play my position too when needed. So if u are interested let me know, i can get into further details offline of course