Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If i could... Forget Him I would.

If I could Forget Bear, I would. I would easily, stop going to the same hair salon, which is next door to his car wash and rim shop. I could move to the other side of town and live in the suburbs. I could do so many things. But a man HAS NEVER made me change my zipcode. So because of this, I run into him everywhere I go.

I just got back from a week long trip in LA. Sponsored by Bear of course. He left a bag on my doorstep, in it was the Chanel Bag you see pictured. With $500 and a plane ticket to LA. Never has anyone done anything like that for me. I knew it was him, because about 4 months ago, we were in Saks and I told him that I really, really wanted a brown Chanel bag. I even pointed out the 1 I wanted. He knows I have girlfriends in LA, so it was no problem to let them know that in 2 days, I would touchdown into HOLLYWOOD.

The weather here in Atlanta has been super cold and then super warm, so needless to say I was so ready to get into the business of all day warm weather, sandles and endless doses of fashion!

I called him, thanked him and of course he came right back over. The sex was incredible. I really believe I owed myself a decent orgasm after weeks of no sex. He gave me $2000 and said "Make sure you stay in Hollywood" Knowing I could get a hotel room on Orbitz for way cheaper thn $2000 a week, I stacked the bread and went shopping.

F what you heard, I make great money and I take care of myself but I looove some H&M and Papaya! I went crazy in my favorite mall(No its not Lennox) and picked up some Juicy Couture swimsuits and Chanel Sunglasses.

LA was beautiful and I shopped more there! I can't wait till I get another trip there. There really are no details other than, pure drunken hot girl moments, ichat with Bear and walking around the beach alone. It was exactly what I needed. FREE OF CHARGE!

Dudes were popping bottles and yes, I had a 1 night stand with a known celebrity, whom I date here and there in Atlanta.

I wish I could do just a blind item. This celebrity loves my skin and has a fetish for it. He likes to lick it and rub it for at least 30min before we fuck. I thought it was weird at 1st but his dick is so huge that I let his kinkiness subside in my brain. He knows that I like it rough and pulls my hair, so hard!

*Currently Relapsing* I think he is going to be back in the A next week.

I really am wishing Bear was my man, I know he has a girlfriend now, its so evident. I'm Girlfriend #2. For the longest, I was ok with it because he was boyfriend #3 but I wonder, if I get Chanel and all expense paid trips to LA what is SHE getting? I cried for an hour on the flight home, thinking about how in love with Bear I am. Only time will tell..

Until then I am....


Prissy Hood Chick April 9, 2009 at 1:39 PM  

Omg. Honey I love your blogs about you && your love life. It's kinda like mines : ) && that's why I <3. How can you forget the nigga who has your heart && treats you so great even when yall aint even together?? Shits crazy. Its especially hard when the sex is great && your not fuckin anything else. <3'd it!!

** Chow**

Lex Boogie May 12, 2009 at 3:13 AM  

Girl you din said so much . Shesh I know the feelings do I EVER.