Friday, January 16, 2009

The Afternoon After....

YAWNNN..... Good Morning Everyone. Yeah I know its like 4pm but I just got up! lol.. In the words of my favorite Radio Host Ryan Cameron "It's a Friday, It's a Friday It's the End of the week and the last day!, Yo, SBF its on you, what you gonna do. Well, I'm gone get my club on, I'm gone get my booed up on, I'm gonna get my shopping on, all weekend long! Heyy" LOL

I just got to work. I told my boss I was gonna be late at 9:45(im supposed to be here at 8) she still has no idea why I was late, shit I don't either. LOL I think it was the fact that Mr. Brick Man Himself aka Bear held it down last night and this morning and this afternoon. He continues to catch feelings he was glancing at pictures on my cell phone and asking questions. I said, you are too damn nosey, you need to wait on that! I'll admit I juiced him up, I let him kiss me in front of his boys last night. But seriously, he shouldn't have told them I'm his girl when he knows damn well, that I am just his "silent partner" who gives him alot of wifey/girl benefits. He kissed me all night and had me listening to Jamie Foxx while I laid on his chest. In the back of my head, I was like I don't slow wind with "silent partners" I only listen to Plies, but I can't front like it didn't feel good! Shoot me, cause he held me and for the 1st time in a while, I felt wanted and needed.

Nonetheless, I don't EVER miss work unless I'm getting paid or im sickly, he did pay me though, in orgasms! I had more Os in one session than I have had in weeks. I think the fact that I have him so open is working out for my benefit. He told me last night "I think its time I started going out with you more often, I be getting so tied up, its time for me to spoil you." Me "Umm I usually don't take dudes out to the club with me, we can go out to eat or something" I was really only saying this because he is the type of guy that hangs out at Platinum 21, Expose, H20 etc. I am more of a Velvet Room and Luckie Lounge type of chick. He then tries to talk about life and what I want, I kind of dozed off after I changed the subject to what was going on in the movie we were watching. Seriously, I don't want him getting more attached then he already is, conversations needs to stick to clothes, food, sex and entertainment Period! Please don't let me fall for him, because this is day 4 I have spent the night with him and 3 of those days did not involve sex, only holding and kissing!

One of my other "silent partners" who will be called "Urban Trap" has yet to hit me up. Let me hit you all to a little insite. Family Day is Sunday. If you spend time with a woman on Sunday, it is your girl or your wifey etc. Me and "Urban Trap" have NEVER chilled on a Sunday but then he ups and says, come to the house, I wanna see you. Me being the bad chick that I am, got dressed and rushed to his crib to spend the ENTIRE day with him. No phones, no e-mail just me him and every movie I could imagine. I wuv him. Although he is a Brick Man too, dude is intelligent and actually attended college. Once I groom him, he has boyfriend potential, he hasn't called me since though. I'm thinking I need to tell him I will take him out, with dudes like him you have to learn how to feed into their peeves. Which is usually gold-diggin ass hoes.

I like money and nice things but I work hard for it, if I want you its not usually for the money, it is because you appeal to me in a specific way. It may just be because a girlfriend of mine said you could lay pipe, or it could be cause you make me smile just by texting you. Whatever it is, I have my own reasons I date you and the last reason is dough. Well that is unless you are my "silent partner" "Staples" Dude so rich he could own the entire Staples Company. More on him another day. He is on my shit list, football season is over and I have YET to see him!

I know yall thinking, damn SBF is a modern day hoe. But please don't judge me. I just like attention and I like having fun. Just because you are a "silent partner" does NOT mean you and I are engaging in intercourse. Actually, only person that usually gets the business is the 1 person I consider boyfriend material. I kinda played myself and gave "bear" some, but I heard he had the bomb D so I changed it up. I will never regret that, cause he keeps me hungry for more.

Well, let me get back to work. I have alot of shit to do. Its supposed to be FREEZING tonight with degrees in the low teens. I'm going out regardless, alcohol and my girls always warm me up..

Until the moonlight falls
I am...

SBF Atlanta


International Foxx January 16, 2009 at 5:37 PM  

WOW. Story was off the chain. Just started checking it out but definitely making sure i keep this blog on my radar for now. I love the honesty, more people need to adopt to that writing style instead of all this fiction going around. Personally i dig your style as well you definitely seem to know EXACTLY what you want without compromise. I'll leave that at that.