Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I shouldn't have left you

Its been a long time.. Well less than a week but still. I am tripping. I forgot I even had a blog. LOL.. I am trying to do new ish and its not working. Back to the script. How is everyone doing?! Well I stooped low. This weekend was a bust, so I pulled out an old trick. Yes a trick. What is a trick. A trick is someone who spends money knowing that he/she will receive something back. Just think Trick or Treat. LOL.. I don't trick but I do treat! Treating in attention and sexual favors is my thing.

So I went back to an old treat, I was bored and after a date with "Summer" I decided I needed male attention too. Summer and I went out for the 1st time on Friday. She is a beautiful bisexual woman who fits my mold(very discreet, beautiful, under 5'5 and professional) she has been bi her whole life and I decided to take her offer up on dinner and drinks. BAD IDEA. Bitch is annoying, all she talks about is the men she has slept with. I don't care about that chick. I care about you and me having a threesome or me and you getting it on.

Im going to put her at the level of "Talkative" and move right along. She has called me already asking to go out again. I haven't returned any of her calls. Let's just say, I am not interested. So after dealing with another night of a talking ass chick, I decided to go see my old trick. "Southern Bred" is a married brother. Yes, I stooped low and I'm not sorry for it. I have been dealing with him since before the separation and a matter of fact, after the separation I cut him off. The whole ordeal got weird. I know, I know, he was one of the few that actually left his wife and then I bounced too. But the thrill was gone. No longer were we secretly texting each other to meet for a random trice(every it was "baby come over to my new spot downtown" so all my running around the city to the nicest hotels stop and I was forced to visit his new "bachelor pad" a studio apartment in midtown. Go figure I went from balling to average. From then on I haven't dealt with him. But, SBF got lonely, so I called and he was at home(as always). I Swung over to the studio for some mind shattering sex and left 30min later. Needless to say "Southern Bred" couldn't walk let alone talk after it was done. I walked passed the concierge and got in my car.

THIS swagga re-up HAS TO STOP

Seriously, this fool can lay pipe for days, but he didn't full fill my loneliness. He just knows how to call my name and make me feel good about myself. Makes me feel like I was and still am the baddest chick he ever had, gives me money if needed and I feed his ego. He is a trick and was treated as such! Soon as I left, I called "Bear" to see what he was doing. He was out in the trap but I went home, took a shower and ended up spending the night with him. He kept asking to get some but I refused, I've done alot of trifling things in my day, but I will not disrespect Bear because he doesn't deserve it! He is my shining star and he deserves me right!

More on this later. I have to go to the salon.. It's my day of beauty.

Until then I am