Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Me

It's been 10 days and counting. No penis or vagina. Sorry if that was too graphic but still. I think I am a recovering nympho. I even hit up some old tricks, but its getting harder by the moment. I don't want anyone but "Bear" he has got ghost all of a sudden. I mean he does text and call and I have seen him, but being with him has been non-exsistant.

Saturday my ego was on a hundred, thousand, trillion! An NBA player came up to me and asked for my number. This is a well known star so, I won't admit his name, but please believe it had me pumped for my girls night! I am happy that all my girlfriends are bi-sexual. I can be open to them about my sexual desires WITHOUT having to hide what I like. It feels good and even though these chicks had my feet hurting for days later. I had a blast.

Just to add to my list of why I hate Atlanta. I was at the club and I see "Urban Trap" and guess who else is there? Three of his ex girlfriends. I felt like ugg. He and I are "silent partners" so yes we were cordial, he hugged and kissed me, but I was looking at him so dumb, because he has screwed half of the A. I am not even the type, to deal with the "knowns" of the A and he knows that. I doubt he knows that I know he screwed all these women. *Shoot me I'm a robocop* I am officially DONE! YA DIG!! done!! lol.. Now my roster of 3 is gone down to 1.. WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO!!

That's why I'm on day 10 of NOTHING.. I have only 1 person on my roster who isn't even "main" material! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! WHYYY MEEE! I need some new team members.. At least a B team for now..

A lil advice for the fellas. Valentines day is coming up, do something different but ALWAYS send flowers to the office! Half my office got flowers last year and I got nothing! Mind you, I was in a VERY COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP! Men do better!

I'll catch up later.. I need to do some work!

I am

SBF Atlanta