Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Im in Heat

I am seriously Horny out of my mind.
I ended the great drought of 09 last night when I went to see Urban Trap. However, I think it was way too good! I am feenin again. He had me at work thinking about it all day long. The funny thing is, I told him I was no longer dealing with him. I even did the bitch move and cursed him out. Bottom line, I told him I didn't need another "silent partner" but Urban Trap was not listening to me. He pulled me on top of him. He knows that's my favorite position. How he knows is still a question I have but it doesn't matter, by the 5th O I was exhausted. He has the stamina of an 18 year old so we kept going and going and going. It wasn't "record breaking" and by now I don't brag on "silent partners" but Patna put it down. I was surprised as hell because its very rare that a guy has ME LAID OUT. Especially one that makes me want to fall asleep. He worked me out for at least 45 and fell asleep beside me. I wrapped my body in his and we were gone for hours. Blissful.

But now the ish has me fucked up. Horny little beast is my new damn nickname cause a bitch wants that penis AGAIN. I guess this is what happens when yoou get back serious into the sex game.

I know its kinda late to talk morals. But I don't agree with sleeping with more than 2 people within a week or being active on the regular with more than 2 men at the same time. Yes I am single and yes I date. But I am not a hoe.

I hate vibrators. They don't satisfy me. I need a class on how to please myself. As selfish as I am I should be a pro at masturbation. However, I am not. Which is making my heat the worst.

I am going to eat icing and go to bed.

Until then...I am.



ShAy~SHaY May 16, 2009 at 7:03 PM  


As for the vibrator thing I do want one but just haven't gotten around to getting it. I unfortunately have never had an orgasm and I'm trying to see if it actually is me who has the problem or the men I have been sleeping with...