Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Longest Hiatus

Well, where do I begin.

I have been away far to long. I really think you guys have started to MISS ME!! Worked has had me SWAMPED! Seriously, I have been working so damn hard, I need a raise and a major VACAY.

I know you all are dying to know what I did for Valentines Day. Well it was pamper me day! I got my nails, hair, toes, eyebrows, massage that day! Then headed to take myself to lunch! Then after that went to watch the Slam Dunk Contest with my Girls at ATL STATION! It was so much fun! I had too much to drink, I ended up hunching my friend on the way home. BUT AS JAMIE WOULD SAY BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL! I mean chick had on a short ass skirt! Can you blame me! I even took my little brothers to dinner on Sunday! They love their big sister!

Bear is really about to get CUT! His birthday was last week and I was planning on surprising him. I talked to him earlier in the day and it got later and later, no return call, no return text nothing. So I went right back to Lennox and returned his gift. I was only trying to be nice and get him something, but nigga need to get right, or better yet he just got LEFT. I know he was with another chick, but seriously we are "silent partners" we know how the other rolls, we know how to deal. But this goes back to him catching feelings, only a nigga that got feelings for you will lie to you like that. He stutters and shit. LOL.. he called me on V-day to say he got me a gift. I went right to his house got my gift and bounced. I haven't had any in weeks but I am more than ok. It feels good to be in control of my own happiness.

I know he has alot going on, but I've learned from being the older sister of 3 brothers that I take care of EVERY MAN I am with. Even a silent partner, I take care of not monetary but in various ways. If I am at Bears house and he has a pile of clothes on the floor, I will wash them. Just because I like taking care of ish. I feel he takes care of me sexually so I return the favor in other ways. Its my downfall alot of the time, but I will be rewarded.

Gotta get back to work, I was told the other day, I am on facebook and myspace too much.. SMDH. I worked 60 hours last week. I think I deserve to check my social scene out..

Until then I am



FMOS February 17, 2009 at 6:07 PM  

Short Skirts and drinks are a combo made in heavan. AND Yes indeed...it is feelings he has caught.

4eva_Lex February 17, 2009 at 9:27 PM  

Umm wow LMAO ! You got a lot going on over there missy. Word!