Friday, February 6, 2009

The Realist ish I DIDN'T WRITE

So I have been wondering when I'mma get a real boyfriend. But then thats when I snapped back to reality. I don't want the drama. I never used to search but I realized that I'm a snooper once I don't trust you and please believe I DON'T TRUST HIM! After that, I hacked into everything, from Myspace, to emails, to facebook. Lie to me once shame on you, lie to me twice shame on ME! So I always stayed one step ahead of him. Although, in the end he played me. I am happier now I don't have to find out sneaky ways of a damn man!

Some girl left this comment on Necole Bitchie that sums up EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. "He’s not my man, he’s just my f*ck buddy so that ain't my job to worry about where he been all night. I get the benefits of having a boyfriend (with the great sex, great convo’s and dinner) and the benefits of not having a boyfriend (no drama, no embarrassment, no shared accounts). Which is why I don’t believe that men are the only ones who can benefit from this type of “relationship”. This might sound harsh but hell no I don’t feel guilty for having sex with Josh! I don’t want to take him from her, I just borrow him from time to time. "
Truthfully, half the time I don't know if my "silent partner" has a gf or not, and more earnestly I don't even give a fuck. I don't feel sorry for the chick either. That's her fault for not checking his ass. Its her fault for not being there for all his needs. *Yes I was always there for my man, but he never liked it when I got thick, he always liked skinny bitches, I tried to starve myself but I'll never be skinny, guess that was the most important thing to him, so he bounced* But if she handles her business I wont have to worry about him caking with me.
Which means even if you sucking his dick good,cooking, cleaning, and taking care of his ass and still looking fly he will still have sex with another broad. No its no disrespect to you, its just pussy! Females need to get the POINT. Bitch its not cause he ain't getting it at home, its because he just wants other pussy. Now if you have the nigga scared he WON'T DO IT. lol.. Have that nigga knowing you will check EVERYTHING and you will do a Jody from Baby Boy and smell his Dick! lol Even if you do that, he still may cheat. lol.. That's just the game and hopefully you know your man.

Off my soapbox.

The men that are my "silent partner" cake me, meaning spend money on me and I don't care what the hell they do when they are away from me. I got a kiss the other day from Bear just because I'm not always stressing him. What the hell do I need to stress him for? He does EXACTLY what he is told and thats enough for me. I never feel guilty, I don't know if he has a girl. That's still a big question, but even if he did I don't feel sorry for her, she needs to check that nigga. I'm at his house at least 2 days a week and where the fuck is she? My point EXACTLY...

It's Friday, Need to hit some stores so I can go out tonight. Weather is gonna be AWESOME~
Until then I am



4eva_Lex February 6, 2009 at 6:48 PM  

*applauds* Trust me if I had only known then what I know now *voice trails off*

realestate February 6, 2009 at 8:35 PM  

I think u hit the nail right on the head. A very popular misconception is that many women think that if they do everything right at home in terms of taking care of their man, that in return their man wont cheat. This is just not so. As a man I can clearly tell you that just as the author stated, pussy is pussy and a man will almost always want NEW pussy. A man is ONLY as faithful as his options are. Period. Now this also goes for women so this is interchangeable.

*Take note also that this theory usually only applies for people that A) havent had alot of partners before therefore it's still "new" to them and exciting and B) they are still mentally immature (usually teen yrs till mid 30s on average). Or both A and B. The point is that NOW more than ever, it's extremely easy to cheat and get away with it. Unfortunately sometimes there isnt anything anyone can do to stop it.

Tricking is a whole other subject. Male tricks should get their legs broken is all i really have to say. Theyre nothing but lame ass losers who have to compensate lack of an aura with giving gifts and money. If a woman likes you, she will like you without you having to give her any damn thing, except what she REALLY needs: attention and understanding.

Brothers Blog February 7, 2009 at 1:36 PM  

I know the friends with benefits is always a touchy subject. Most females aren't able to handle it. But I see you changing the game.

Single Black Female in the A February 17, 2009 at 5:37 PM  

Im always changing the game! GET RIGHT OR GET LEFT! :)

MssThang February 25, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

OMG I agree with this one 100%! I have major TRUST issues and until i get over them I can't do it. Ignorance is NEVER bliss for me! I hate time wasted on someone who did not commit to me and I am committing to them. 1 day I know it will happen until then....IMA DO ME! NEVER FORCING IT!! JUST TO SAY WELL I GOT A MAN! :)...OK SO U GOT A MAN & HE BE CHECKIN UP ON IT EVERYWHERE ELSE! LOL

MssThang February 25, 2009 at 12:33 PM